Azure Virtual Desktop

Go from a diagram to a fully functional Azure Virtual Desktop environment in minutes not days.

Azure Virtual Desktop delivers a rich desktop and application experience to users virtually anywhere. With the rise of remote working and the need to deliver the tools users need, when and where they need them, Azure Virtual Desktop provides the perfect solution.

Cloud Maker simplifies the design and delivery of enterprise grade Azure Virtual Desktop solutions with an easy to use diagramming interface and simple configuration. Easily add additional Azure services that complement any Azure Virtual Desktop environment and deploy rapidly using the powerful Cloud Maker deployment engine.

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Simplify Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment

Azure Virtual Desktop is incredibly powerful, however designing, configuring and deploying AVD at scale can be very challenging.

With Cloud Maker, you can simplify the design and deployment process, speed up delivery times and drastically improve time to value.

Stop wrestling with the complexities of AVD and let Cloud Maker handle all the challenges for you, including automatically registering Session Hosts with Host Pools.

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