When faced with huge demand and a need to scale, next-generation cloud automation is the only option.
Extrinsica Global (EXG) is a leading Microsoft Cloud MSP and Gold Partner for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. EXG specialises in designing, building, and managing highly complex cloud solutions for the world’s largest organisations.

The Problem

EXG designs, deploys, and manages thousands of Azure servers and platform services across the globe. These systems are hugely complex and almost always include multi-region and highly available systems with many hundreds of moving parts.

More recently, a market shift towards DevOps has meant many of EXG’s customers now require additional, advanced automation capabilities to be integrated into the App Dev process.

EXG’s current infrastructure-as-code-based automation system had reached its functional limits. It became difficult to manage and maintain across many customer code repositories. As a result, EXG required a more scalable, collaborative platform to continue their rapid growth, whilst delivering next-generation capabilities to their customers.
Simon Smith
CEO & Founder - Extrinsica Global
By underpinning a new DevOps-as-a-Service platform for our enterprise customers, Cloud Maker has allowed us to realise massive productivity improvements, as well as enabling additional revenue opportunities.

The Solution

EXG decided that Cloud Maker, with its multi-tenant cloud diagramming platform, and stateful deployment engine, combined with their Overwatch security scanner and seamless integration with Azure DevOps, was the perfect solution to its existing automation challenges.

Consequently, Cloud Maker has been integrated into the existing EXG Azure DevOps CI/CD system, to provide the cloud design and configuration platform for new customers’ Azure infrastructure. As a result, EXG engineers can now seamlessly collaborate internally and with customers on cloud designs, whilst modifying the cloud configuration in real-time, based on evolving customer requirements.

Having delivered significant value to the internal Cloud engineering team, EXG decided that the platform was so compelling that they needed to offer it as a fully managed service to their Enterprise customers. This has resulted in Cloud Maker being packaged up in the new EXG DevOps-as-a-Service offering.

Cloud Maker enables EXG to integrate seamlessly with enterprise app teams and app development customers to deliver cloud infrastructure and security expertise directly into customer deployment pipelines.

The Outcome

By using Cloud Maker to diagram customer cloud infrastructure and then configure it using the intuitive visual interface, EXG can continue scaling their cloud operations with their existing engineering resources, whilst reducing the management overhead of wrangling multiple infrastructure-as-code repositories.

Additionally, integrating Cloud Maker with customers’ Azure DevOps Pipelines has allowed EXG to diversify their service offering to their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

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