Overwatch by Cloud Maker

Shift security left with Cloud Maker Overwatch

An intelligent threat detection engine that provides you with design-time security recommendations.

Overwatch by Cloud Maker

Cloud Maker Overwatch keeps watch over your cloud design, ensuring that any security issues are raised at design-time and delivering defence-in-depth security capabilities to your cloud workflow.

With it's advanced security scanners for Azure, Overwatch lets you shift your security process left, incorporating security best practice at design-time.

Speed up time to deployment and close security vulnerabilities before they can pose a risk to the business by making security an integral part of the workflow from the very beginning.

Design-time security


Don't leave security as an after-thought, instead integrate it seamlessly into the infrastructure design process with Cloud Maker Overwatch.

Benefit from fully automated security scanning as you design your cloud infrastructure, turning security into an integral and continuous part of the cloud solution workflow.

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