Easy, visual, no-code required

Just 4 easy steps to get started


Pick a blueprint

Start with an existing Cloud Maker Blueprint or create your own from scratch.

Whether you're building a server-based infrastructure or looking to deploy your next big-data pipeline, we've got you covered.

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Drag and drop your cloud solution

You drop them onto the drawing surface which makes them droplets!

Cloud Maker droplets allow you to drag, drop and connect all your cloud components together simply and easily - no-code required!

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Configure your design all in Cloud Maker

Our configuration engine lets you enter any configuration you need.

You can even create parameters to make your Blueprint deployable across systems and clouds.

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Deploy to the cloud!

Deploy directly to the cloud

Don't wrestle with code or complex deployment tools. Instead, let Cloud Maker do the heavy lifting for you. Simply connect Cloud Maker to Microsoft Azure and press deploy! Your cloud will be built in minutes!

Deploy through your DevOps Pipeline

Got more complex requirements? Dont worry, Cloud Maker integrates with Azure DevOps to let you deploy your solutions whilst adding your own magic!

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Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward

Full design history and visual diffs!

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blueprint history

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