Turbo-charge your Azure DevOps Pipelines

Design your infrastructure visually and deploy it to Azure with our seamless integration.

Seamless Azure DevOps Pipelines Integration

It's not always enough just to deploy the cloud infrastructure. Take your cloud deployments to the next level with visual design, configuration and security scanning in Cloud Maker seamlessly integrated into your existing CI/CD workflow in Azure DevOps Pipelines.

Configure automated builds, deploying your Cloud Maker blueprints with additional post deployment tasks to deliver true ephemeral infrastructure.

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Azure DevOps Variables

Leverage your existing Azure DevOps Pipeline variables using Cloud Maker Azure DevOps Variables feature.

It's as simple as creating your blueprint, setting parameters and telling Cloud Maker to source the values from Azure DevOps.

Work the way you want, no barriers and ultimate flexibility.

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Azure DevOps Outputs

To unlock next-generation CI/CD deployments, Cloud Maker Azure DevOps Outputs lets you pass any property value in your Cloud Maker blueprint as an output into your Azure DevOps Pipeline.

Now you can design visually whilst still being able to create multi-layered automated deployments with all those awesome post deployment tasks!

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